Dental emergencies can be really scary and painful. You might have an infection, a tooth missing, bleeding that won’t stop, or teeth that are broken. If you need urgent dental care, you can come to Ayzin DDS Emergency Dentistry. Just give our dental office a call right away if you’re facing a dental emergency. We’re here to help even after regular hours. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our skilled emergency dentists and friendly dental team will take care of your mouth problems.

At Ayzin DDS Emergency Dentistry, we make sure to help patients in pain or those needing urgent care first. Our caring team is here to provide the help you need right away. You might even get a same-day appointment for your urgent dental issue.

When a dental emergency occurs, you’ll know you need one. You could believe that toothaches brought on by cavities, injuries, oral trauma, or extractions are unpleasant or even terrifying. With the right equipment, Ayzin DDS Emergency Dentistry can give you the best emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible so you can start feeling better.

These are the most common dental emergencies.

  • Emergency toothache and severe tooth pain
  • dental trauma caused by an accident
  • Emergency tooth extraction
  • damaged tooth
  • Emergency Root Canal
  • gum and tooth infections
  • dental avulsion (knocked-out or loose tooth)
  • dental restorations (missing or broken crowns or bridges)
  • fractured tooth
  • Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Pulpitis, an infection of the tooth’s nerves and tissues
  • Dental infection
  • tooth abscess
  • broken tooth
  • Repairing or replacing of fillings

Please give us a call if you are unsure whether or not it is a dental emergency. On the phone, we provide you with suggestions and gently walk you through the procedure. Additionally, we can schedule a time for you.

Urgent dental care in Laguna Hills, CA

Whether you need an appointment later in the day or on the same day, our main goal is to give you excellent dental care, making you feel better and confident in your smile once more. Using advanced tools, we provide the very best dental care. We’ll ease your worries as we handle your dental issues in a friendly office setting.

Whether you need an appointment after regular hours or on the same day, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch dental care to help you feel better and regain your smile. Our advanced tools ensure the best possible dental care quality. Your worries will fade away as we address your dental health issues in a welcoming office setting.

Make an Emergency Dental Appointment with Dr. Ronald Ayzin at Ayzin DDS Emergency Dentistry.

Dr. Ronald Ayzin has years of experience with a variety of oral health concerns and is equipped to handle any kind of dental emergency.

In Laguna Hills, California, our team takes care of your oral health in routine and urgent situations to relieve your pain and worries. Schedule a visit. Arrange an appointment for emergency dental care to quickly address your oral health needs. You’re also welcome to visit our dental office in Laguna Hills.

FAQs for Dental Emergency

What is considered a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is when you urgently need relief from pain, or bleeding, or to save a tooth. Please contact Ayzin DDS Emergency Dentistry as soon as possible if you're in this situation.

What is the most common dental emergency?

The usual dental emergency is when a tooth gets knocked out. Try to keep the tooth so your dentist can put it back. Keep the tooth moist so that Dr. Ronald Ayzin can put it back in your mouth properly.